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© Martin Argyroglo / Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa]

© Martin Argyroglo / Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa]


Hommage à Takuma Nakahira (1938-2015)  


Alfredo Jaar  

Daido Moriyama

Lawrence Weiner

17.09.2016 - 23.10.2016

Opening reception, with Alfredo Jaar:
Saturday, September 17, from 4 to 7pm

Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa] is honoured to present 'Décalage, Hommage à Takuma Nakahira (1938-2005)', an unexpected group exhibition with the generous participation of Alfredo Jaar, Daido Moriyama and Lawrence Weiner.

Renowned for his landmark book 'For a Language to Come' (1970) and his leading role in the Japanese 'Provoke' movement (1968-69), critic and artist Takuma Nakahira elaborated an existential practice of photography and a renewal of the language. At the turn of the 70’s, he extended his research in the field of photography to follow the tracks of conceptual art. In 1976, he created a piece entitled 'Décalage' [Shift] in the former exhibition space ADDA in Marseille, France. 'Décalage' was an in-situ photographic installation in which Nakahira followed his own instructions: photograph from ceiling to ground an angle in a given gallery space with an 80 cm distance, then recreate that angle using the printed photographs 50 cm on its side.

For the first anniversary of Nakahira’s death, Alfredo Jaar created an instructional piece entitled 'Reflections (for Takuma Nakahira)' consisting of two vertical columns of mirrors placed in the corner of the exhibition space, from ceiling to ground. With this new work, Alfredo Jaar recalls Nakahira's 1976 gesture, and creates both a reflection and an aperture of the space itself.

A pioneer of conceptual art, Lawrence Weiner created in 1968 his famous instructional work entitled '36"x36" Removal to the lathing or support wall of plaster or wallboard from a wall'. The work is currently housed in the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art which exceptionally loaned the work to Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa] for the purpose of this homage to Takuma Nakahira.

Nakahira’s companion for decades, Daido Moriyama concludes this tribute with an intimate homage: a small portrait of his dear friend taken in 1986 in Room 801, Moriyama's personal exhibition space located in the Shibuya area of Tokyo where he invited numerous friends and artists.

Takuma Nakahira, whose oeuvre is largely yet to be discovered, was also the author of numerous crucial essays on photography. He spent his life challenging the photographic medium before suffering from a long disease to which he sadly succumbed a year ago, on September 1st, 2015. His contribution to the arts is so immense that we chose to name our Paris-based project space Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa] after 'Circulation [Date, Place, Events]', a performance and installation realised by Takuma Nakahira in Paris in 1971.


The exhibition 'Décalage, Hommage à Takuma Nakahira (1938-2005)' is made possible through the generous support of the Museum of Modern Art de New York, the Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation, and the galleries Akio Nagasawa, Jean-Kenta Gauthier et Kamel Mennour.


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Daido Moriyama
06.02.2016 - 26.03.2016

In 2012, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama published a book entitled Labyrinth, composed of reassembled contact sheets from different series and periods. Beyond the graphic effects it generates, the contact sheet is used to expose the artistic world of Moriyama, who rethinks his images and juxtaposes his past creations to contemporary productions. The sources of his creativity and his recurrent motifs : neon signs, torn posters, geometric patterns, women's bodies, the streets of Tokyo, Paris, New York are all reassembled here.

Circulation shows for the first time the original sheets used for the publication of Labyrinth. It reflects the multiple artistic combinations of the photographer's work as well as the diversity of paths he could have taken. Revealing Moriyama's real mental landscape, "Labyrinth" invites reflexion on the perpetual confrontation between the unfathomable personality of the artist and the subjects he obsessively photographs, "like disjointed parts of a puzzle, never finding resolution."

Exhibition with special day with in presence of the artist :
Saturday February 6 - performance from 2 to 7 pm

© Labyrinth, Daido Moriyama, 2012, photo credit Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation, courtesy Akio Nagasawa (Tokyo) & Jean-Kenta Gauthier (Paris) for Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa]



A LABYRINTH [performance]

Daido Moriyama
06.02.2016 - 06.02.2016, 2pm to 7pm
LABYRINTH [Exhibition from February 6 to March 26]

To celebrate the opening of Daido Moriyama’s LABYRINTH exhibition at Circulation, create with the artist a unique collage entitled A LABYRINTH*

Saturday February 6 between 2 pm and 7 pm. On the occasion of the opening of Daido Moriyama's exhibition "LABYRINTH" at Circulation, create with the artist a unique collage entitled A LABYRINTH*. Register online to our e-shop to know about your time. Limited registrations ! First arrived...!

For more information, thanks to contact :

* 4 stripes of contact-sheets to fix on a Chrome Paper of A4 paper size. Signed by yourself and by the artist. Each stripe is unique.

@ Guillaume Lapèze / Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa]
5 rue de l'Ancienne-Comédie
75006 Paris




« Inversion » 

Daisuke Yokota
13.11.2015 - 19.12.2015

Born in 1983 and graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute, Daisuke Yokota is one of the most acclaimed young photographers. Member of the collective AM Projects, he published books included Back Yard (2011), Site/Cloud (2013), Vertigo (2014) and Corpus (2014). His work has been exhibited at FOAM Amsterdam in 2014. 

Daisuke Yokota's artistic practice consists in reinventing his photography over and over again by repeatedly digging into his own archive images. To give a proper meaning to each creation, the layers of pictures are stacked to form a final photographic object that can be likened to a chamber for "memory layers". The notion of echo and the connections that exist between photography and sounds are also among the paths he explores.

Presented for the first time during the Rencontres d'Arles in 2015, Inversion is an installation composed of a multiple of black and white solarized photographs. Each of the photo prints is a transposition by contact on photosensitive paper of a color picture initially printed in the book Matter (2014-2015), the pages of which are thus used as negatives.

© Daisuke Yokota, Inversion, 2015, courtesy Jean-Kenta Gauthier (Paris) for Circulation [Gauthier, Kauter, Nagasawa]